Turbo Sprint – An Arcade AGA quality port of “Super Sprint” final will release soon!

It’s been many years since I played the brilliant game of Super Sprint by Atari; a game which was originally released at the Arcades and then on many home computer systems such as the Amstrad CPC. Well if you’ve been following our news updates regarding the in development Arcade like version of Turbo Sprint, you’ll be pleased to learn that not only has the game been teased with new footage showing the NoS Turbo pick up being used, but Mcgeezer has also said the game is nearly finished!

A much older version of Super Sprint was actually released on the Amiga as an Atari ST port thanks to the hard work of Meynaf. But this new version will take the game to the next level! Not only is the game being built from the ground up, but it features improved sound, CD32 support, optimizations, and much much more that is sure to excite many Super Sprint fans and Amiga owners too.

Links :1) Website Amiga A1200/A4000/CD32


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