Tinyus – An arcade quality Amiga OCS port of Gradius/Nemesis is coming soon!

We’ve just received some brilliant news in our inbox from Saberman, as if you’ve played pink^abyss’s previous Amiga versions of Tiny Invaders, Tiny Galaga and Tiny Bobble, then as of very soon you’ll be able to play his latest Arcade conversion of Gradius/Nemesis; a side scrolling shoot-em-up that was originally released as a Japanese coinop way back in 1986.

Although we don’t yet have a video to show and unsure of a release date, what we do know however. Is Tinyus is not only a faithful Amiga OCS port of the Arcade Gradius/Nemesis videogame, but it’s being created by Fade1/aBYSs who is doing the graphics, Pink/ABYSs who is doing the music and code, Bartman/aBYSs who will be doing the reverse engineering, and all of this requiring an OCS with 512k Chip and 512k Slowmem or better! (Amiga 1200 (barebone) is recommended for fluid 50fps gameplay)

Links :1) Source  2) Music Impression


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