Smarty And The Nasty Gluttons – An Amiga special will also be getting a boxed edition through BitmapSoft

There’s been a lot of great news stories already this year, from the announcement of Tinyus coming to the Amiga, which is an Arcade conversion of Gradius/Nemesis, and even a demo of Wilcza Buda and a overhauled work in progress update of a great game called Tapper. Well have we got another great Amiga heads up to share with you! As we’ve just been told through Twitter that Eero Tunkelo’s previously released Amiga special of ‘Smarty And The Nasty Gluttons ‘, will also be made available as a boxed edition very soon through BitmapSoft.

As we said before : Smarty And The Nasty Gluttons was developed way back in 1992, but was halted after a few years of difficulties not just due to finding a publisher, but also Commodore losing its share of the home computer market. Now many years later, after a long hidden preview was cracked and released by Jouni ‘Mr. Spiv’ Korhonen and Eero Tunkelo, the copyright owner. This inspired a gathering and the idea of completely wrapping up the project and releasing a full version which is still available for download or a soon to be big box edition! 

Links :1) Source  2) Twitter  3) Youtube 


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