Project Horizon Engine – An Aliens themed game mock up on the Amiga

For some months now we’ve been featuring Electric Black Sheep’s upcoming Amiga game of ‘Project Horizon’; a game inspired by basic shooting elements such as Commando, with a mix of Chaos Engine and a dab of Alien Breed. Well if you want to look at something rather cool and as a fan of the Alien movies, Electric Black Sheep have shown off the engine for Project Horizon as an Alien mockup, complete with sound effects and Xenomorphs!

Although we are not sure if this is ever going to be turned into a real game, as currently it’s just a mock up showing the engine for the upcoming Project Horizon game. The team behind this Aliens eye candy, has said ” The gfx of the main character is not related in any way to or game Project Horizon (or Electric Black sheep), it is ripped out from the game Xeno Crisis and it is a property of Bitmap Bureau, and of course ‘Aliens’ and the Xenomorphs are the property of 20th Century Studios…. So let’s just hope this does turn out to be a full Aliens experience as one person rightly puts it ” This is Awesome “.

Links :1) Source 2) Discussion


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