Nixy the Glade Sprite – A fabulous ZX Spectrum game is coming soon to the C64

In May of 2018 Scotty of Indie Retro News did a big review of the ZX Spectrum game Nixy The Glade Sprite, in which he said ” It was a very fun and addictive game that casual and advanced players should try especially with its beautifully crafted visuals”. So why is this game getting a mention yet again on IRN? Well it seems as if the C64 is about to get in on the entertainment, as Bubble Soft Games has announced Nixy The Glade Sprite will soon be available for the Commodore64 as a digital download and also on Cartridge.

Coded by Anthony Savva, Art and Concept by Andy Johns, Music and SFX by Kamil Wolnikowski and John Blythe for the original Speccy loading screen. Nixy the Glade Sprite is sure to be a great game on the C64, as if it’s anything like the Speccy version, will have great animation, comfortable controls, fantastic level design, dangerous enemies and much much more. So watch this space for a further update when it gets a release!

Links :1) ZX Spectrum Version


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