Monkey Plant – A brand new retro inspired PC(Windows) game from Langford Productions

If you’ve been following Richard Langford of Langford Productions, you would’ve known that throughout these last few years he has released a number of cool remakes of some well known classics that many have grow up with, games such as PSSST, Cookie, and even The Hunch. But that isn’t all that has come out of Langford, as after previously releasing the retro inspired hit of Project ZX, and the retro remake of Chuckie Egg, he has now released his new game called ‘ Monkey Plant ‘.

Based on an idea by Andy Green, who some may have heard of from with his extensive pixel work on the ZX Spectrum with fabulous new loading screens such as Fued, The Forest of Doom and Doomsday Castle. Monkey Plant is a levels and ladders game in the finest tradition of the 8-bit classics! Basically you play as a Monkey, and must put a stop to an invasion of robots, and the feeding of a deadly plant that is intent on taking over the world! The game features 25 levels spread over 6 varied worlds, a variety of enemies, big scary boss levels, two mini games with inclusive Andy speccy graphics, and much much more.

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