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This displays a up-to-date log of my most recent updates and additions.




:: Date (11-07-18)
 - Upgraded Daphne CliffHanger to HD Conversion
 - Finially added Daphne TimeGal HD to the wheel after a year of adding it
 - Cleaned up NescaXLive Database and directory (no more dupes)
 - Cleaned up Taito Type X Database and directory (no more dupes)
 - Cleaned up Sega Ring Database and directory (no more dupes)
 - Upgaded TeknoParrot 1.80 
 - Added alternate TeknoParrot Emulator for ipac controls only
 - Added 3 new WiiU titles
 - Migrated to Cemu 1.14.0c including Graphic Packs
 - Added Hypersearch to the main wheel (by request) / created button /theme
 - Created several new system bezels
 - Sooooo much more ...
:: Date (10-28-18)
 - Upddated PPSSPP to 1.70 32/x64 bit
 - Updated NescaXLive Database
 - Created new Bezels for Gamecube for proper aspectg ratio
 - Updated Nintendo 64 Bezels and deleted several incompatible ones
 - Tweaked Nintendo 64 Core options for better Ryzen performance
 - Tweaked Gamecube options for better Ryzen performance
 - Tweaked Playstation Core options for better Ryzen performance
 - Added Examu Ex-Board back to the wheel
:: Date (10-26-18)
 - Upddated ReDream to 10-26-18 (Git)
 - Moved Dreamcast NFL 2K Games to alternate NullDC
 - Updated several TechnoParrot profiles which were deleted with recent update
 - Reverted PCSX2 to previous 1.50-xx version for better Ryzen compatibility.
 - Updated CEMU and all graphics packs
 - Updated Cirta to latest build versions
:: Date (9-30-18)
 - Resolved LEDBlinky Issue / Works great now
 - Updated Super Model + Light Gun Calibrated NV
 - Updated TechnoParrot 1.69
 - Sync'ed Launched Box and perform full audit
 - Created MAME 0.202 Hyperspin Database
 - Updated Rocketlaucher ReDream Module
 - Added Rocketlaucher Kronos Saturn Module
 - Added Kronos Emulator to Rocketlaucher 
 - Updated ReDream 1.3.1
 - Updated Dolphin Ishiiruka
 - Updated PCSX2 / Plugins
 - Updated RetroArch + Cores to 1.75 - 2018
 - Updated MAME TO 0.202 
 - Updated SNES MEDIA, Databases, and Rom Set to Latest official release
 - Updated Mame's History.dat
 - Added MAME Hi-Score display to select game in HS front end
 - Updated several systems Video Media (roughly 1100+ new videos).

:: Date (9-10-18)
 - Updated JoyToKey to 6.0

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ARCADE IPAC ONLY :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::: Moved the following systems to different emulators for more                       :
::: game accuracy and compatibility.                                                  :
---------------- [ SEGA SYSTEMS ]
- Sega Genesis moved to Fusion (previously running Mame)
- Sega Game Gear moved to Fusion (previously running Mame)
- Sega Master System moved to Fusion (previously running Mame)
- Sega Mark III moved to Fusion (previously running RetroArch)
     : Added Sega Themed 4:3 Bezel
   :Modified Fusion module to accept Mark III SMS cartridges 
- Sega Mega Drive moved to Fusion (previously running Mame)
   : Added Sega Themed 4:3 Bezel
- Sega SC-3000 moved to Fusion (previously running Mame)
   : Added Sega Themed 4:3 Bezel
- Sega SG-1000 moved to Fusion (previously running Mame)
   : Added Sega Themed 4:3 Bezel   

---------------- [ NINTENDO SYSTEMS ]
- Upgraded SNES9x to (x64)

- Nintendo Super Famicom moved to SNES9X (previously running Bizhawk)
   : Added  SNES Themed 4:3 Bezel   
- Super Nintendo Entertainment System moved to SNES9X (previously running Bizhawk)
   : Added  SNES Themed 4:3 Bezel   
- Nintendo/Bandai Sufami Turbo moved to SNES9X (previously running RetroArch)
   : Added  SNES Themed 4:3 Bezel   	
:: Date (9-9-18)
 - Updated LaunchBox (again)
 - Updated Mame Roms and CHDs to 201
 - Updated Mame, ArcadeMame, and MameUI to 201 (nonag)
:: Date (8-28-18)
 - Updated LaunchBox
 - Updated Media for several systems
 - Updated Super Model 3 controls for ipac.
 - Updated TechnoParrots controls for ipac + 360 Contoller
 - Updated Sega Model 2 controls for ipac.
 - Updated NesicaXLive controls for ipac.
 - Created roughly 10 new system Bezels
 - Added 2 new wheels
:: Date (8-13-18)
 - Updated LaunchBox
 - Updated ReDream to 1.2.6
 - Updated Locomalito Games Media, DB, Games, Module (Entire Wheel).
 - Added Tempest 4000 to PC Games wheel  and create controls AHK
 - Updated CEMU 1.13.e

:: Date (7-30-18)
 - Fix issued for Funny Racing
 - New Media Updates for Konami, Casio PV-1000, (384mg) : 
 - Updated WinUAE 4.0.1 (Still needs testing)
 - Updated MESS & MESSUI 0.200 x64 (No Nag)
 - Currently updating MAME TO 0.200 (Testing)
 - Updated Mame, MameUI, ArcadeMame, ArcadeMameUI to 0.200 (x32 & x64)
 - HBMAME Roms (0.200) and Emulator updated 
 - Fixed Bad configuration that slipped by for joystick controls
   drives shipped from 7-14 through the 29th need this patch.
 - Updated Mame's History.dat
 - Added ReDream Module and Emulator for Dreamcast (after a lot of testing)
 - Purchased Premium PERSONAL key (not included) (https://redream.io)
   It's only $5 and it's the only DC Emu in active development. Buy It!
 - Updated Fightcade to 042.2 (Latest Version)

:: Date (7-19-18)
 - Merged and Updated Atari 2600 No-Intro Set
 - Merged and Updated Atari 5200 No-Intro Set
 - Merged and Updated Atari 7800 (finally headered) No-Intro Set
 - Merged and Updated Atari Lynx (finally headered) No-Intro Set
 - Merged and Updated Atari Jaguar No-Intro Set

:                                                     :
: Close to 900GB of unpublished updates and merges    :
: The week of 9 - 14, July                            :
:                                                     :
:: Date (7-16-18)	
 - Updated Several System Media Sets
 - Added 2 new systems to the wheel
 - Updated RetroArch Cores to test new Dolphin,ReiCast and Redream Cores
 - Worked on LEDBlinky custom settings.
 - Updated MadDog McCree to new converted HD version
 - Updated MadDog McCree II to new converted HD version
:: Date (6-22-18)	
 - Updated TeknoParrot to 1.53 (Hotfix)
 - Added Super Nintendo Hacks to the Wheel
 - Updated ALL GAMES LOADER v3.xx
 - Fixed a few RocketluancherUI System Icons
 - Reworked MAME's default cfg file for 4xJoy and iPaxc defaults
 - Updated NES Media / Video / Art files
 - Finally minted my Phillips CD-i wheel / Database, etc...
 - Began Sync'ing Game Themes for various systems. Themes can really slow
   a machine down, but it's been requested. so here goes ...
 - Added 6 new titles to the Sega Ring Wheel.
 - Fixed all Playstation Artwork(x) files.
:: Date (6-5-18)
 - Updated PPSSPP Emulator to 1.62 (x64)
 - Cleaned up all module errors
 - Updating Mame to 1.98 (still testing)
 - Started integrating Customer Updater on the website
   (Testing for the next several days)
 - Updated CEMU to 1.12.1b
 - Updated DS4 PS4 Drivers 
 - Updated vJoySetup to address Windows 1803 update problem
 - Updated RPCS3 Emulator
 - Added Examu Ex-Board back to the wheel
 - Added Nesica X Live back to the wheel (now complete)
 - Audited and fixed PS2 ROM Set, Media, Names, etc...
   This No-Intro release was majorly screwed up with wrong names
   Dupes, and a bit more. Now fully resolved and minted.
:: Date (5-24-18)
 - Added 5 new systems to the wheel. 
 - Updated Demule to latest
 - Deleted all Sega sets since I completed tested last night
 - Tested Sega Ring / TeknoParrot games 1 by 1 before blindly adding 
   then to the system
 - Started Cleaning up TX/TX2 Wheels since TP now handle those titles
 - New games where tested and added to PS3 and WiiU
 - A TON of new media updates. 
:: Date (5-24-18)
Titles once removed from Type X Wheel becasuse of compatibilty issues
 have no been re-added to the Sega Ring Wheel.
  - Added Power Instint V back to the wheel 
  - Added Chaos Breaker back to the wheel
  - Added KOF 98UM back to the wheel
  - Added KOF SkyStage back to the wheel
  - Added Initial D8 Infinity to Sega Ring
  - Added Initial D7AA to Sega Ring
  - Added Valve Limit R to Sega Ring
  - Added Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 to Sega Ring
  - Updated Xenia
  - Added Blocky BOt to WiiU
  - Added Family Tennis SP to WiiU
  - updated Cemu (cemu_1.12.0) and all Common/Uncommon Graphics Pack
 - Updated RPCS3 (0.0.5 (2018/05/23) GIT Build)
 - Added a new Wheel "Beat 'Em Up"
 - Created a new Mame datbase (based on v1.97) with only working roms, and systems.
 - Also generated a new set of genre databases this allows for Year view (sorta)
   : created art for those genre wheels
:: Date (5-23-18)
 - Fixed DriveSetup.exe
   NOTE: If you receive an error while trying to launch the Drive Setup from 
   the RunMeFirst.exe. Please rename "Drive Setup.exe" to "DriveSetup.exe".
   I made a mistake while compiling the latest version. 
 - Updated Stella to 5.12
 - Updated TecknoParrot TO 1.51 (Hotfix 2)
 - Update Dolphin Emulator to 5.0-7301 (x64)
 - Fixed Dolphin RL Module to adjust for new switches
:: Date (5-15-18)
 - Updated PCSX2 (reset all shaders to default as well)
 - Updated All Games Loader 3.02
 - Fixed Playstation 3 Database 
:: Date (5-8-18)
 - Updated Retroarch + Cores to 1.73 (Can't get the new GUI though?)
   Created configs for several systems for HD output
 - Updated Mame's HSLS Settings to have less scanlines and a bit sharper
 - Updateds HBMame to 1.97
 - Added new goodies to Mame's database
 - Updated Wii media and wheel 
 - Added 2 new titles to WiiU wheel
 - Added new title to Dreamcast wheel
:: Date (5-6-18)
 - Updated Hyperspin to 1.5.1 (Windows 1803 Suppot added)
 - Configured HS to use keyboard or Joystick without (HS Startup script)
   : Xbox One controller now supported
 - Added new games to Wii U wheel
 - Added new Japan titles to Dreamcast wheel
 - Added 200 new Japanese Titles to Sega Saturn Japan wheel

:: Date(4-24-18)
 - Updated Mame roms 1.97
 - Updated Mame to .97 x64
 - Updated more than 40 themes to 16:9 (hd)
 - Archived over 500gb Wii games to make room for the good stuff
 - Added 3 new titles to RindWide
 - Added over 300+ Additional Sega Saturn Japan w Media
 - Replaced Wii titles witj top 150 Wii Games of all time
 - Hyperspin AND LaunchBox are mirrored using RL with no 
   interfverence from each other while sharing roms, media sets.

:: Date(4-24-18)
 - Fixed Funtech Super Acan 
 - Updated Mattell Intellivsion to 16:9 Theme
 - Updated Bandai Wondershare Color to 16:9 Theme
 - Replaced Entire WiiU Wheel,Media,DB,Roms,etc...
 - Updated All Wii Logos, Theme, and media
 - Updated All WiiWare Logos, Theme, and media
 - Started Reworking entire PS2 Media images + Videos
 - Added Tiger Handheld Electronics to the wheel
    :Reworked theme, and media to display correctly
 - Updated PCSX2 and Tweaked (tested over 4 hours) for
   opitmal use. HotShot Tennis now plays full speed.
 - Updated WinUAE to v4.0.0 Beta 4
 - Updated Atari Lynx Artwork Boxes and Carts
 - Updated NEC TurboGrfx Artwork Boxes and CD art
 - Updated NEC-PC-FX Artwork Boxes and CD art
 - Updated Virtual Boy 3D Artwork Boxes and CD art
 - Updated SEGA 32X 3D Artwork Boxes
:: Date(3-29-18)
 - Updated CEMU to 1.11.5d
 - Added Funny Racing to the wheel, which required a lot of work
   - Properly renamed roms to match HS naming convention (No-intro)
   - Removed roms that did not already exist in other directories
   - Remapped emulators to properly work
   - Great addition in the end.
 - Updated Citra (Nightly Build - a567a92)
 - Updated HBMame to 1.96
 - In the process of updating Mame roms and CHD's to 1.96 
 - Updated Mess and MessUI x64 / x32 to 1.96 
 - Updated Mame and MameUI to 1.95
 - Added HD Marquees to Mames
 - Added additional Mame Artwork
 - For some reason my RetroArch directory got corrupt (still functional) but
   would not produce audio
   : Deleted directory. Created new RetroArch directory. 
     Installed fresh RetroArch 1.71, cores, assets.
     databases, shaders, etc... 
     and this resolved the issue. 
 - Added "Secret System" to the Wheel
 - Added OUYA to the Wheel (Nice addition)
 - Added several new system fade titles

:: Date(3-22-18)
 - Updated FightCade to version 2.0.10
 - Updated BizHawk to version 2.2.2. Support has been added for the following 
   systems: Sega 32X, NEC PC-FX, UzeBox
 - Updated custom Bizhawk RL module to support the new systems
 - Updated Visual Gameboy Adavaced Emulator to 2.0.1 (x64 only)

:: Date(3-8-18)
 - Fix Arcade Shmups emulator not defined correctly in RocketlauncherUI
   Download: http://www.homearcadesystems.net/bin/fixes/_RL/ArcadeShmups.exe
 - Added 15+ new Fade titles to Rocketlauncher
 - Updated TeknoParrot to 1.41
 - Added 3 new games to the Taito X wheel
:: Date (2-28-18)
 - Completely reworked the Sega Ring wheel to use TeknoParrot 1.35
   and the latest All Game Loader
 - Added the following games to Sega Ring:
	Ford Racing FB
	ID6AA Racing
	Let's Go Island
	Mario Kart DX GP
	Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
	Spica Adventures
	Sega Dream Raiders
	Sega Golden Gun
	Sega Racing Classic
	Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing Arcade
	Shining Force Cross Raid
	Sega Racing 3
	Trouble Witches
	Virtua Tennis 4
	Wacky Races
 - Fixed a ton of fade media and added a lot (I forgot to document)

:: Date(2-28-18)
 - Updated HBMame Emulator to v1.95 (x32 & x64)
 - Updated HBMame Rom Set to to 1.93
 - Updated Hatari to 2.10 and modified settings to no longer use 
   %USER% directory.
 - Also updated all TOS images up to 2.62
 - Updated and tested PCSX2 v1.50 (GIT 2289-xg41xx). Tested great.
 - Updated Stella and modified for portable use. 
   No longer looks in %APPDATA% directory.
 - Added Yaba Sanshiro's port of Yabause - Actually tested very well.
 - Updated Snes9X Emulator to v1.55 (x32 & x64)
 - Updated Higan Emulator to v093 (x32)
 - Updated VGBA 5.8 (x32)
 - Added MedAdvCFG which makes it much easier to manage & configure
 - Updated Dolphin 5.0-6396 (x64 git) - Tested GC, wii, wii minis.
   All tested perfectly
 - Updated Mess and MessUI x64 to 1.94
 - Updated HBMame Video Snaps to 1.93
 - Updated Mame and MameUI to 1.95
 - Updated Arcade Mame to 1.95
 - Updated ArcadeMameUI to 1.95
 - Updated All Mame version's DAT (history, info, cheats, etc...)
 - Updated RetroArch to 1.71 (needs more testing, but it seems all is well)
   Updated all Cores, Databases, Assets, Configs, etc...
 - Changed the way ScummVM games handle the Escape key. F12 is now the
   default exit, while
   Escape is used for internal game functions.
 - Updated ScummVM to v2.0.0
 - Updated Nintendo DS Box 3D Art to complete the wheel
 - Added Bally Astrocade Game box art
 - Created Custom Bezels for Vertical / Horizontal games. Black grid design.
 - Updated HBMAME Database to latest release.
 - Updated TeknoParrot to 1.35
 - Updated All Games Loader RH to 296
 - Completely Reworked the Sega Ring wheel from scratch. 
   Moved from AHK to PCLauncher
   which is performing much better. 
 - Added 6 new games to the Sega Ring Wheel (several long hours)
 - Update WinUAE x64 to
 - Created New 16:0 Bezels for the Commodore Amiga, Amiga CD32 and CDTV
 - Created new system default theme for Dreamcast Indies 
 - Updated DOSBox Emulator to 0.74 (GIT) (tested very well)
 - Updated CEMU to 1.11.4b 
 - Added CEMU HD GraphicPack 2-757
 - Added 2 new games to *SECRET* Wheel
 - Completely reworked the Sega SG-1000 Wheel (all new media, 
   box, wheels, etc...) The original theme I created in 2014 
   was a bit dated.
 - Completely reworked the Sega Master Sysytem Wheel (all new media, 
   box, wheels, etc...)
 - Completely reworked the Sega Game Gear Wheel (all new media, 
   box, wheels, etc...)
 - Added a really nice (15gb) addition to *SECRET* Wheel
:: Date(2-24-18)
 - Added / Updated all AAE titles to use standard ipac defaults.

:: Date(1-29-18)
 - Add 2 New games to Sega Dreamcast Indies wheel
 - Created new DC Indies main menu theme (16:9)
 - Updated Several main menu themes to 16:9
 - Updated all retroarch cores,assets, etc...
 - Added 3 new entries to the PC Games wheel
 - Added NEW system to the main wheel
 - Update Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NO-Intro Set)
 - Updated & Tested SSF Saturn emulator
 - Updated WinUAE both x32 & x64 versions to 3.60 (Release)
 - Update Mame to 1.93 Roms & CHDs
 - Updated Mame emulator to 1.93 (both Mame and MameUI)

:: Date(1-27-18)
 - Add 3 New games to Secret Wheel
 - Created new Fade screens for Secret Wheel
 - Added PPSSPP Cheat Pack 2.0
 - Updated PCSX2 Git (2018/01/27) / All games tested played great
 - Updated Stella GIT / All games tested played great
 - Updated Nestopia GIT / All games tested played great 
 - Updated  Ishiiruka Dolphin Custom Version (2018/01/25) 

:: Date(1-37-18)
 - Add 3 New games to Secret Wheel
 - Created new Fade screens for Secret Wheel
 - Added PPSSPP Cheat Pack 2.0
 - Updated PCSX2 Git (2018/01/27) / All games tested played great
 - Updated Stella GIT / All games tested played great
 - Updated Nestopia GIT / All games tested played great 
 - Updated  Ishiiruka Dolphin Custom Version (2018/01/25) 
:: Date(1-16-18)
  - Updated Sega Hikaru to HD Videos
  - Replaced existing JukeBox app to a more more modern one
  - Began working on a new system addition
:: Date(1-03-18)
  - Updated WinUAE64 3.6.0 Beta

:: Date(1-02-18)
  - Updated GlideN64 3.0 Plugin
  - Updated RetroArch to 1.70 after testing
  - Updated Retroarch cores, assets, etc...
  - Updated PacMame wheel and media
  - Updated Cemu to 1.1.3
  - Updated Mame 1.92 XML Databases, extras,genres, etc...
  - Added new content to (secret) wheel

:: Date(12-04-17)
  - Updated CEMU (v1.1.1)
  - Migrated Wii U to CEMU Module (nixed PCLauncher)
  - Updated PCSX2 (+ all graphic plugins)
  - Tweaked RetroArch's core for optimal performance
  - Added PacMame back to the Wheel by request (updated media)
  - Created New HBMame theme
  - Added new content to (secret) wheel
  - Cleaned up Sega CD Database (error in naming for Links)
  - Created new MAME Database



From media, emulators, to complete rom sets, and more. I update almost weekly. View the update log. Download patches are issued frequesntly


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