Kung Fu Master – WIP Amiga OCS Remaster of a classic Arcade game looks better than ever in this new video!

The Amiga news just keeps on coming, as if you’ve been following our recent updates regarding Graeme Cowie, Ten Shu and DJ Metune’s upcoming Amiga conversion of a classic Arcade game called Kung Fu Master. Then you’ll pleased to know as thanks to a heads up from Graeme Cowie himself, he has yet again shared some new footage of the upcoming Arcade to Amiga OCS conversion, which is being remastered with artwork by Tensu(Original Arcade graphics also available when released).

We’ve featured this upcoming conversion a number of times now, and right from the beginning Graeme Cowie, Ten Shu and DJ Metune’s were full steam ahead with this version of Irem Arcade’s 1984 classic as with every new update the game looks better than ever! Another thing to mention while we have also been told that the game will have new graphics and the possibility of new levels, you can also play the Arcade conversion with the original graphics viewable here as mentioned above.
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