King’s Valley – Konami’s platformer is now available for the Amiga by M.A Software

Thanks to a heads up from the developers themselves ie Masoftware, we’ve just been told ‘ King’s Valley ‘; which is a port of the MSX version first released in 1985, and also as an appearance via MS-DOS in the 80’s and as an unofficial port in 2009 on the ZX Spectrum by RetroWorks. Has finally been released on the Commodore Amiga by Toni Galvez, Narcisound, Jesus Chicharro, and M. Angel Jimenez programmed entirely in Blitz Basic.

Just as in the original classic, this game will once again put you in the shoes of an adventurer on a quest to collect gems while also avoiding angry mummies and other such deadly monsters! The game features not only different sound effects, but there’s plenty of fun to be had through many of the of the 16 full themed levels in M.A Software’s King’s Valley on the Amiga. For further details and development please see the main website below.

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