GermZ – A WIP Amiga puzzle game by Last Minute Creations gets a demo

Another heads up from Saberman and yet again an Amiga game, is the work in progress early build of ‘Germz’; a new game which is a rather short, mostly multiplayer party game that was first released as a demo version at the RETRONIZACJA 3.9 party event. As noted by the description on the itch’io website : you take control of one of the four GermZ species, and the task is of total dominance by the eradication of all the other GermZ in the level.

Although the game should run on an Amiga 500 with 512Kb of RAM and just a few issues on configs above 020 (they will work on that). GermZ is the first public demo of the game and the next one they hope will be the final; a final featuring not just a single player or multiplayer mode, but the playthrough of several maps, 3 levels of AI to customize the challenge, and special cells with features expanding your tactical abilities.

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