Galactic Wars EX – A seriously cool Shoot em up as an extended Arcade version of the Pico8 game! (WIN/MAC/LINUX)

We have such a fondness for the Pico-8 here at IRN, a virtual platform with such limited capabilities, the community produces many outstanding games and demos, even ones made in a month. One such game called Galactic Wars, an entry in the 2017 1GAM, blew us away with high grade gameplay, self proclaimed as inspired by classics like Gradius, Galaga or R-Type. Well we’ve come a long way since that game appeared, as fast forward to this week however, and the creators Volcano Bytes have announced the extended arcade version of Galactic Wars is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Galactic Wars EX is a side-scrolling SHMUP and it’s influences are clear. Nemesis/Gradius provides the scroll direction and weapons upgrade path, Galaga provides groups of enemies appearing on screen in groups/waves and R-Type with just about everything else. But this game doesn’t hold back for fans of this genre, as not only does it feature 1 or 2 player co-op pixel perfect gameplay, but it has smooth 60FPS Classic Shmup action, 3 different ships to fight against evil with different capabilities, nostalgic scanlines and CRT goodness, more than 40 new phases to fight through, lots of weapons and power ups, and much much more including an OST composed and arranged by Beyker using the awesome Sega Megadrive’s Yamaha YM2612 FM sound chip

Links :1) Source  ( Thanks for the heads up Per Ola! )


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