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M. Lewis5-14-22
Thanks love ur work 3rd drive bought .worth every penny
Jay - WI5-4-22
Talked to Chris, made the purchase, drive arrived - PERMANENT SMILE!
Archie - NJ5-4-22
Without a doubt the best purchase I made with my arcade project. Chris helped me pick the parts needed to complete my project and walked me through wiring them. Most helpful person I've found anywhere online.
K. - FL4-25-22
So easy. I'm glad I talked to Chris first. He helped me understand what was involved, not truly understanding what it took to complete a cabinet, but now my kids actually enjoy pixeled games. THANK YOU CHRIS.
David - TN4-15-22
Dave - KY3-24-2022
Very surprised to receive a enterprise EXOs drive and not some cheap off-brand, but I ran in to a hiccup and within an hour Chris had me up and running remotely. - LOVE THIS GUY
Ken - WA3-15-22
There's no other way to put it... CHRIS KNOW'S HIS S**T!
Dave - KY12-27-2021
Wish I had found Chris sooner! I have had a few bad experiences before someone finally recommended Chris. It seems this industry is riddled with companies that could care less about your business and don't know the first thing about communication and customer service. I bought a custom gaming PC and Chris has gone the extra mile answering my questions offering build advice. If you want to get a system up and running this guy is your "cheat code".
Sonny - FL12-24-21
After talking with Chris for more than an hour, I was a quite impressed that he encouraged me NOT TO BUY his drive because it was not an upgrade option for me since my arcade had a Jamma. He also spent the time to send me a lot of links to the best jamma 30-n-1 replacements. I decided to upgrade to a full emulated cabinet with a PC. I've called him at least 10 times with questions about various options and he's always been polite and patient. It's really nice to meet people who actually care about the customer.
Phillip - VT6-1-21
BEST PURCHASE I MADE THIS YEAR. Also, he won't tell you this, but there are a ton of hidden goodies on the drive. Chris for President!
Jackson - FL5-21-21
I ordered a RecRoomMasters Xtenstion cabinet thinking it would be a straightforward process, but quickly realized I was way in deep over my head and started freaking out. I was referred to Chris and upon speaking to him on the phone it was evident I was in great hands. I was no longer worried because he literally said "You're cabinet will be up and running within a few minutes of receiving your drive. If I'm not worried, you shouldn't be". He surpassed any support expectations by a million fold. Not being a technical person, I emailed him once my drive arrived with a few questions on what I should do next not knowing the drive had a walk-thru video and setup program already. He called me within a few minutes and had me run a support program and handled the entire process for me. It was amazing to watch.
Allen - AZ5-14-21
Don't hesitate. Chris truly knows his s***.
Garnet - TN4-27-21
I was referred to Chris by a friend. I placed my order, the drive arrived about a week later late Saturday afternoon. I plug it in not reading his instruction sheet (very short. only 1 paragraph) and my Antivirus ate the setup executable. I submitted a support request which I thought would be handled the following Monday and within a few minutes my phone rang. The reviews about his support are not only true, but under exaggerate the level he provides to his customers. He not only setup my drive up for me, but he spent another 20 minutes remotely tweaking Windows for optimal use. I've already referred 2 friends.
Si - AR4-27-21
An absolute LEGEND
Jay Jay - MO4-27-2021
Without a doubt the best decision I've made on a purchase in a long time. The amount of time and frustration saved would require a mathematician to properly calculate.
George - CA4-27-21
After watching Chris's video on the MegaCade it was very apparent he didn't care if he got your business. He's goal was to guide potential arcade owners with truthful, unbiased, and informative information that would help guide you in the right direction and not be ripped off. In My Opinion. His only concern was you ended up with an arcade you are proud of and would enjoy. This is something I was struggling to find. Every small piece of advice I received was biased. I called Chris with countless Noob questions and he spent over an hour on the phone with me slowly explaining in detail each question I had. Never once did he offer, try, or ask me to buy anything from him. I followed his advice and purchase a 50" Monster Arcades Arcade Kit and I can contest, first hand, his word should be considered Gospel. I saved over $4,000k and I ended up with an arcade I personally believe no other company can match. Our family Thanks You. We have spent many weekends playing and reliving past memories.
Barry - PA11-11-2021
I If you are thinking about purchasing a gaming pc this is the place to spend your money. We bought a pretty high end system with the 10TB drive and a 6TB for extra room. This is my 3rd go around at purchasing a gaming pc. The other two were horrible. This time he called me up and walked me thru setup. I'm new at pc gaming and he answered all my questions. In my opinion the man is an artist
Sidney - MO10-21-2021
I honestly have no idea how one person can provided such a high level of support. I truly don't want to spend the next 15 raving about his service, quality, quality, and did I mention QUALITY? 2020 is now looking much better. Don't hesitate.
Brian - AI10-14-2021
Instant arcade fun. I was expecting BS claims about, well everything really. Everything stated couldn't have been more true and as he explained. He is so busy he doesn't have the time to dedicate updating feature list. Especially when there are so many knock-off sites coping his work. Chris is the Real Deal.
Kelli - RI10-04-2021
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE our new arcade. THANK YOU CHRIS. You are truly awesome!
Darrell C. - Australia7-31-2021
I purchased a 10 tb system to go into my 4 player arcade machine. Had the machine for 3 years and always had to mess with the drive it came with to play anything..The new drive was up and running in minutes.. I can now play whatever I want to without any hassle.. Folk say I'm crazy having all these game systems, but I grew up with them. The old Atari 800, Commodore 64 and of course the old Pac Man arcade machines.. I have them all now in one box and I use it everyday.Took a while to find Chris, I should have started years ago.. The system is amazing and the setup so simple. Thank you very much for the work you put into this..
Alex - Czech Republic5-19-21
I've really like the way home arcade systems handles customer service. He reacts very quickly and really takes his time to answer you're questions. Thank you a 1000 times and keep up the good work!
TIM - NV5-14-21
Literally, one of the nicest, most helpful person I've had the honor to do business with. A true inspiration on how to properly deal with customers. Product is amazing as well.
Kyle - SC4-4-21
I really wish I would have found Chris sooner. I can not express my gratitude enough after being ripped off from a "knock-off" website he made it a priority to spend the time to ensure my arcade was exactly as I was dreaming it would be a year ago. Thank You.Thank You. Thank You.
Philippe - France4-1-21
La collection est juste incroyable. Je n'ai évidemment pas pu tout tester, mais toutes les ROMS lancées ont fonctionné.J'ai eu un petit bug d'AV et de masterisation du drive, le support a été parfait, réactif en quelques heures et efficaces. La livraison vers la France n'a pas posé de souci particulier.

--- [ Translation ]
The collection is just amazing. I obviously could not test everything, but all the ROMs launched worked. I had a small A / V and drive mastering bug, the support was perfect, responsive in a few hours and efficient. Delivery to France did not pose any particular concern.
Stacy - NE3-22-21
My custom build arrived and I was crossing my fingers it was going to live up to the hype, but I was wrong. It was 10x better than I ever could've imagined. Chris added a couple visual extras (RGB fans), not to mention the CPU upgrade from what I originally ordered AMD 3600 to an AMD 3600X which he paid the additional cost for. Why I asked? He said "Because it's Monday and I'm a nice guy". I freaking love this dude!
Merrell 4-27-2021
Chris is an absolute beast when it comes to the time and commitment he puts in to his setup. I've had drives from other "so-call" sellers and it immediately became very clear where they purchased their drives from and why Chris is considered the original "Pro". His support is without a doubt the best part of his service. 1000% Satisfied.
Wayne - Fl3-20-21
His knowledge is absolutely incredible. Not to mention his response times when you email him. Best purchase I've made since my Russian Wife :).
Jay - Oregon 3-14-21
Completely Mind Blown! The dedication this guy puts in to his setup is incredible. What surprised me even more was his support. If you doubt the reviews here, I encourage you to email or call him. See how quickly you get a response. I swear this guy never sleeps. I could not be happier with my drive.
Order my custom build. It arrived with an RGB kit, custom matching cable mods all of which Chris paid for himself because he said it looked to off-the-shelf and needed the Home Arcade Systems visual appeal. Something I did not expect was a phone call shortly after it arrived. He gave me a tour of the machine and how the frontend and my new cabinet works and I could not be a happier customer. No company I have ever dealt with offer the level of support Chris offers. TOP NOTCH!
Erik - Germany3-1-21
There's nothing I could add here that's hasn't been said 100x by his customers. His support is prompt and extremely professional. Best yet the quality of the drive is phenomenal and you can immediately see the amount of work that goes in to making everything function and look beautiful. Keep up the great work Chris.

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Random Daily Reviews

Tracy T. - WA8-6-19
Absolutely freaking unreal!! Literally was up and running within a few minutes. I later emailed Chris a couple questions and he immediately email me back with a detailed response and a walk-thru video answering my questions he made so I could easily follow along. A few minutes later he called and asked I had any other questions, or if I needed help he could assist me with. The customer service, as well as the product are unmatched by any company I have ever dealt with (not kidding). Any Company! Great person.Incredible product. AMAZING SERVICE!
Ray B. - Vi8-6-19
I was on the fence about using Chris's service but after spending way too much time trying to configure my arcade for 2 light guns, a spinner, a trackball and 2-player 6 button controls I decided to go for it. I emailed with Chris way before the purchase and he was always very helpful. After making the purchase I am very pleased, the setup was so easy and any issues I've had, Chris has been quick to reply and very helpful. If I had to do it again I would but I wouldn't have waited so long to pull the trigger, would have saved myself many hours of frustration.
Lee F - CA.7-19-19
WOW! That's seriously all I can say. I received the drive which was very well packed. There was a brief read me instruction sheet included (which I did not read) and I immediately plugged in my new drive, but there was no drive setup as stated here. Chris called me back within minutes of emailing him. He provided me with a download to restore the files my Antivirus ate and BAM! My new Xtenstions arcade was up and running in minutes. So easy and seamless. Chris is an absolute LEGEND!
Stacy E. - PA. 7-6-19
Without a doubt the best service I have ever experienced with any purchase. Amazing Setup. My new RecRoomMasters Xtenstions cabinet was up and running in no more than 5 minutes. No kidding. The setup is so easy. Literally 1-Click, a few minutes later my cabinet rebooted and it jumped directly in to Hyperspin. I have a license for LaunchBox, so I'm going to give them both a try and see which one I like better. Great Chris!!
Tony F. - WV. 6-22-19
I don't know how he does it, but you can not find better service anywhere. I was very eager to get started and didn't quite follow directions. I emailed Chris and within 1 minute (not kidding) my phone was ringing. He logged in my machine and I was up and running in minutes. He also volunteered to walk me though how everything works and gave me a very knowledgeable tour of how my new arcade functions. I will happily recommended his service to anyone who ask. A++++++
Steve S
Steven S. - New york6-11-19
I've heard and read about Chris's setup for quite some time. I also followed his previous (very popular) youtube channel since almost the beginning in 2014 (I think?). Anyway, the time came to take the plunge since I was building my new arcade and I was excited to see first hand what he actually offered. And all I can say is WOW, Holy @#%$!! Exactly as described, once I ran the drive setup, it detected my installed hardware and within 6 minutes (I literally timed it) my new Arcade was up and running and I did not have to configure, download, or touch one setting. I had a few questions, so I emailed him and no kidding within 2 minutes I received a call back (on a weekend) answering every question I had. He also logged in and gave me a hands on tour of my new setup. YOU CAN NOT FIND CUSTOMER SUPPORT LIKE THING ANYWHERE! The product is flawless and he stands behind it 100%. I AM A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER, and now I know why he is the goto guy for any type of home arcade project.
JARED R. - Utah4-14-19
This might be the first review I’ve ever done. Chris did not ask me to leave a review but I cannot say enough about Home Arcade Systems. I wanted to build an arcade in my basement. I attempted to download ROMs for a rec room masters cabinet that I bought and it turned out to be disastrous. I am a busy trauma surgeon and just didn’t have the time, but wanted a full retro gaming experience in my “man cave.” I contacted Chris as an inquiry after finding his site. He promptly responded to me with a personal phone call on the weekend. He build me a custom computer system with a Hyperspin that literally involved no set up at all . It was built shipped and delivered within a week! I couldn’t believe it . I know he was much more him concerned with quality and happy customers than making money. I also talk to him several times on the phone and he talked me through setting up the controllers. The system is beautiful and perfectly fits my recroom games cabinet. I truly cannot say enough about the care that went into this product and how lucky I am that I contacted Chris first. There may be other companies out there but I would not consider anyone else if you’re thinking about building a home arcade system. He even made a youtube video about my specific order.
Michael S. - Broomfield, Australia2-7-19
I really expected dramas getting this to work. I was amazed everything went so smoothly. The installation software worked like a dream. I loved the experience. Now I can look through all these great games. Thank you for all the time you have put into this setup. I have purchased drives in the past from other guys on the web claiming great service, etc... but your setup wins hands down. If your thinking about buying a hard drive look no further. These really are the best. And I have tried most of the other people selling on here one guy I purchased drives every year ,but these are awesome in every way. Thank you Chris.
Gary - Aurora, CO11-28-18
I'm not very computer savvy and despite Chris' excellent tutorial videos, I was having trouble getting my computer setup. A couple of promptly answered emails and a phone call later and Chris' had things up and working! I've been enjoying my arcade with family and friends ever since! If you want to do business with someone who is professional, knowledgeable and takes customer service beyond the next level, I recommend going to Chris and Home Arcade Systems.

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Allan - CAN01-1-20
One devoted and very knowledgeable person literally provides better support than any tech company I've ever dealt with. Even while caring for one of his kids right after a vert serious surgery, he reached out to help me... Even after I stressed to wait until the new year. So glad I found the REAL "CHRIS".
Home Arcade Systems
When I began my arcade project I quickly realized I was way over my head. After being ripped off by another I was emailing every person, forum, and site I could find for help. Chris was the only one to reached out to see how he could help without ever asking for a dime. After spending over 2 hours with me fixing a spaghetti looking front end (that was supposed to be the best) he still never asked for anything. When I offered to PayPal him he asked if I could donate it to a Christian ministry instead. Thank you for your kindness and your time. I've relived so many memories because of your help.
Testimonial Icon
Hands down the most informative and patient person I have ever dealt with. Not only is his response times mind-blowingly prompt, but the fact that I can pick up the phone and reach him whenever I have a "noob" question is priceless. NO DOUBT the Best purchase I've made this year.
David R. - Mo10-6-19
Chris was very supportive pre sales when I bought one of those 'other downloads' and struggles getting it going. Pre sales Chris answered my many questions and offered guidance on my PC and challenges and then support for building new PC. Sale was seamless and great communications. Post sales was just as incredible with again my many questions. His patience and knowledge is amazing. Helped me work through my lack of knowledge in this MAME world and continued guidance on things to look at and work. You can tell Chris loves his job and his support is top notch and would highly recommend his product!!
Steve S
Chris was a great help in getting my home arcade system set up. From personally calling me to discuss what I needed to recommending a better cabinet that was easier to set up, he was responsive and took great interest in making sure I would end up with what I needed. His responsiveness is refreshing these days, as you don’t have to wait days for a response- sometimes it’s within the hour! Whole heatedly recommend him and his services!
Jason J. - TN9-21-19
After purchasing a new Rec Room Masters 4 Player cabinet, I was very excited to get it up and running. I had no idea the amount of work it took to get a cabinet actually working. After finding Chris and several phone calls later I took the plunge and ordered a custom pc. The machine is absolutely beautiful but besides that, WORKS FLAWLESSLY. I installed the machine in to my new cabinet and turned it on and it "just works". No messing around with configuring controls, settings, or other aspects of my arcade cabinet I didn't want to mess it. It just works! I love this guy. You rock Chris!!!
Testimonial Icon
David H - Detroit, Mi6-1-19
The Absolute real deal. The product is amazing, but most of all the support is the most impressive aspect of what Chris offers. Always available when needed. Very happy. If you're considering purchasing from Chris. DO NOT Hesitate. You will not regret it. The time saved is damn near incalculable.
Victor S. - New Jersey5-11-19
First and foremost I want to say Chris’s products are legit. Like anyone else would be, I was a little apprehensive at first but after looking at some of the other options out there his seemed to be the most comprehensive. I took the plunge and can say it was well worth the price of admission. Easy setup and the amount of games is staggering. I had a question that I emailed to him and in less then 10 minutes he called me back and spent 30 mins assisting me with a special request and explaining how everything works. Billion dollar companies have never provided this level of customer service. His product works awesome with my Rec Room Master Xtension controller which is also an Amazing piece of hardware. Because of his product I have the home arcade I have always wanted at a fraction of the price it would have cost to have made by other companies with far less games. Thank You again Chris for everything and a Great Product!!!
Luis O. - Taunton, MA3-12-19
If your are hesitating to buy this drive don't. It is simply the best out there and simple to use. I have built my own hyperspin and launch box systems before and only got a hand full of emulators to work. It took me years to get all the controllers to work the way I wanted and the second there was an update all of the hard work I put in was gone. Not with this drive. Chris delivers on his promise that if you have an issue he is only a phone call away and it will be fixed. I can personally attest to his great customer service. Chris is respectful and understanding he will take his time not only to fix any issues you have but also to explain how to do it. I am beyond satisfied with my purchase and I am now a customer for life I would buy any system Chris builds just for the customer service alone. You will not find another product with this much care put into it with this level of service anywhere..
Larry G. - Bowling Green, KY3-22-19
Being a bit skeptical I went ahead and placed my order. I was pleased to get a thank you email, as well as a direct phone number in case I have any issues. The drive arrived within a week. I followed the video guide and ran the setup and OMG! Everything worked as stated. What honestly blew me away was the follow up phone call 2 days later asking if I needed any help and if everything was running ok. I could not be happier. I've needed support one time, and Chris was in touch within minutes to help me at 8pm at on a Friday night.

I wish more companies operated with a "Customer FIRST" mentality.
Alex - ItalyDate: 10-26-18
Simply number one ... Always Patient, Always Available, Always ready to give you a hand ... It's rare today to find someone like him.
BrianYoutube Testimonial
Very good service. Dependable and patient even with us newcomers. Explains things in detail and simply put a joy to work with.
Stacy - Miami, FlDate: 10-26-18
It is unbelievable how easy this was. Seriously doubted my purchase before the product arrived. Since then I've referred several friends. Within 3 hours, I was able to unpack and build my recroommasters cabinet. Afterwards it took me 20 minutes and I had a fully functional arcade cabinet. Chris is AMAZING!
Bob - OmahaDate: 10-26-18
I recently bought a plug and plays set up from Chris and i love it. I currently play with my xbox 360 controllers but i have plans on making a 4 player pedestal. All the games and systems work great. I am computer dumb and Chris has been very patient with me. The best part about buying this from Chris is his customer service if i have a question he responds very quickly. I highly recommend buying one of these if your looking into it!
Troy - CanadaDate: 10-27-18
When i first bought my Arcade System i was SO blown away on really how much was here. I was running around the house laughing, and excited like i was 8. I'm 42 now, getting my system up-dated, and felling like a kid again. Look forward to doing more projects in the Chris in the near future. -Great Work!
Mike M. - CanadaDate: 10-29-18
I bought my drive 3 years ago and couldn't be happier. It was a simple and easy install and to this day Chris still responds to my emails very promptly i must add. Without a doubt he truly has the best customer service i have ever dealt with. If your looking to buy a preconfigured drive that's as close to plug and play as possible do yourself a favor and don't look any further.
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BrianYoutube Testimonial
Amazing customer service. Bought my hardrive 3 years ago and still helps me with any issue I got. Always responds quickly and finds out the problem right away. I Recommend Chris 100 percent. it just doesn't get any easier than this
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Eli JustinianoYoutube Testimonial
Been a fan of this current channel and the old channel and I see the dedication of the setups and computers you have done for your customers. It is on point and any body that has bought a system from you should be really happy and pleased with it.

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