Relive your childhood arcade memories again in the comfort of your own home.

Need Help Remembering the 80's?

Put on your Jordache jeans, Slide on your Vans and click that button to relive a small of bit of the greatest decade to ever speed skate down electric avenue.



Other wanna-be's will try to force you into nonsensical serial numbers that constantly break and restrict your machine. This is lunacy and does nothing more than frustrate the user with failed attempts to "register" their drive with the hidden goal of pushing them to purchase a backs-up of a drive they already purchased.  

I include the software (fast copy / free file sync) and step-by-step video guides showing how to create both full and incremental copies.Incremental backups is pretty important for the end-user, since it takes roughly 28-32 hours to make a full backup with CRC checks.

Out of the 200+ (this number changes almost monthly) Systems on the wheel, only the 8TB drives and higher have enough space to include Wii and other new gen console titles. The smaller drives are pre-configured for them, but you would need to add those titles yourself.

The 10tb versions and higher have roughly 700 more DS titles, 1000+ PS2 titles, Small GOG Collection, 900+ more PSP titles and many other goodies. Unfortunately, The smaller drives only features only arcade and American console titles. All versions are running the latest Hyperspin, Rocketlaucher, Lauchbox, Retroarch, Mame Rom / CHD, as well as up-to-date emulator, rom and media assets.
Check the log for the latest updates.

All media is frequently updated with the latest HD and HQ media snaps. Databases are always up-to-date with complete and matching rom sets.


Windows 7, 8, and 10 all work very well with no known current issues. However, it must be a x64 version. I've migrated most emulators to x64 version.

I'm testing a patch based system that will allow you to choose what to update and when. This provides you with the peace of mind knowing all updates have been tested prior to publishing. 

Sure thing. The drive setup will auto-detect your controls. Running the drive setup again on the same or another machine will assign the proper controller set that's currently detected and present on that machine.  

HARDWARE Specific Questions

All joystick types are now automatically detected during the drive's setup program. It will scan your machine looking for known controllers. Once it detects various controller types, it will begin to parse through each emulator making changes to match your controller type.

This includes:

  • X-Arcade Tank Sticks
  • 2-Player RecRoomMaster's Xtenstion Controllers
  • 4-Player RecRoomMaster's Xtenstion Controllers
  • Ultimarc iPAC 2, 4 and Ultimate IO
  • Xbox 360 Controllers
  • Xbox One Controllers
  • Limited support for PS3 controllers
  • Light Guns
  • Track Ball, Spinner, Multiple Mice, and more...

Intel i5 (4 Generation and above) or better
This includes any AMD Ryzen CPU with Vega (or better) Graphics
8GB  Memory

Most Importantly:  A decent Graphics card such as a Nvidia GTX 9xx or Better. AMD RX 570 or better.
Obviously, low-end cards will work, but higher-end video cards will produce better results.

That's completely up to you. I personally believe, once you have your cabinet up and running. Enjoy it, or it will become your next time consuming hobby.



From media, emulators, to complete rom sets, and more. I update almost weekly. View the update log. Download patches are issued frequesntly


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