DreadStar – A rather cool PC Windows shoot em up gets a Steam release

Growing up there was nothing more satisfying than playing top down scrolling shoot em ups such as the fantastic classic Tyrian 2000, or the many list of Arcade titles running through home emulation or a well designed cabinet. Well thanks to another heads up from the developer, we’ve been told that the game that we mentioned before as rather cool PC shoot em up called ‘DreadStar’ by Augmented Irreality, has finally been released on Steam!

This game is a fast paced shoot em up and based more on killing enemies than escaping thousands of bullets with inspirations such as Raiden, Donpachi and other “older” shoot’em’up games that did not have tiny hit boxes. DreadStar which is available on Steam right now, features not just 10 different weapons and 4 different ships with tons of customization. But 6 replayable levels with unique enemies, big bosses and mid bosses, 3 difficulty settings, RPG elements such as being able to level up, and finally pixel art cutscenes and chiptunes music made on the Atari-ST and ZX Spectrum!

Links :1) Steam 


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