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Monday, 17 June 2019 / Published in Emulator Releases

rpcs3 Git (2019/06/17)

rpcs3 Git (2019/06/17) is compiled. RPCS3 is an open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger written in C++ for Windows and Linux. The emulator has been in development since early 2011 and currently supports modern DirectX 12, Vulkan and OpenGL renderers. The emulator is capable of booting and playing a decent amount of commercial games and PlayStation 3 SDK samples. Many more titles are also becoming playable with future development by contributors.

rpcs3 Git Changelog:
* minor UB fix
* Add sys_rsx_context_iomap workaround
* rsx: Minor cleanup after #6055
* Qt: add Remove All Caches to the game context menu
* Fix dynamic_library::loaded

Download: rpcs3 Git (2019/06/17) x64
Source: Here

Monday, 17 June 2019 / Published in Emulator Releases

PCSX2 Git (2019/06/17)

PCSX2 Git (2019/06/17) is compiled. PCSX2 is an open source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator for the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. With the most recent versions, many PS2 games are playable (although speed limitations have made play-to-completion tests for many games impractical), and several games are claimed to have full functionality.

PCSX2 Git Changelog:
* GSdx-dialog: Unused parameter on hacks dialog constructor
* GSdx-Dialog: Remove useless member variable
* Remove sVU_Debug.h, as nothing in it is actually used anywhere.
* Added a universal 64-bit define, and a message indicating that Pcsx2 was compiled as 64 bit in the system information.
* gsdx-hw: Fix incorrect variable name when tc is disabled.
* gsdx-d3d11/gui: Don’t display Reference Device in available Adapters in release builds. Display it only on debug builds.
* gsdx-d3d11: Remove remaining uav (UnorderedAccessView) code, it wasn’t used
* gsdx-d3d11: Update nvidia hack handling.
* gsdx-gui: Purge Sprite hack from the gui.
* gsdx-hw: Remove no longer needed Sprite hack, replaced by improved atst code already.
* gsdx-d3d11: Update d3d shader macro handling to a much better algorithm.

Download: PCSX2 Git (2019/06/17)
Source: Here

Monday, 17 June 2019 / Published in Emulator Releases

EmuTos CVS (2019/06/17)

EmuTos CVS (2019/06/17) is released. EmuTos is a GEMDOS compatible operating system for Atari ST series computers. It is made from Digital Research’s GPLed original sources and is a free and open source replacement for common TOS images for Atari ST emulators.

Download: EmuTos CVS (2019/06/17)
Source: Here

Sunday, 16 June 2019 / Published in Emulator Releases

Z64K (2019/06/15)

Z64K (2019/06/15) is released. Pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 64, VIC 20 and Atari 2600 written entirely in Java. The emulators should run on any platform with an updated java runtime environment installed.

Z64K Changelog:
15 June
Update of character base address should be applied immediately (VDC register 28, confirmed with VDC split test program). Re-enabled Character Vertical Size(VDC register 23). VDC 101 100% supported now. 🙂
Improved latching of VDC char base address. Almost there… Artifacts between logo and scroller of VDC101 no longer appear. Still need to fix smooth x scrolling for logo and remove artifacts above logo.
14 June
Fixed a bug with character vertical size. VDC101 logo imageshows correctly in demo linked in next dot point.
Fixed a bug with VDC register 6. Still not perfect yet but a huge improvement running VDC101
Resetting c128 also resets d030 test bit.

Download: Z64 (2019/06/15)


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