Bean Versus The Animator – A cool looking arcade shooter for your Classic Amiga releases today

Great news if you’re looking for something completely different other than all the Platformers and Shoot em ups we’ve featured on Indie Retro News, as 17BitRetro has contacted us, to tell you that Bean Versus The Animator will be released for OCS / ECS or AGA Amiga’s as of today 6-10am UK time. This game according to the creators Paul Heams and Dominic Sidoli, is a brand new old style arcade shooter for your classic Amiga, which also had multiple features on Amiga Bill’s Twitch stream.

In this game playing as a genetic cocktail of lifeforms both half man, half baked bean and set in the far future of 2010, many years after World Word 3. You must defend the Earth and its defenseless Humans from the warmongering machines and their diabolical leader, The Animator. The game features 6 frantic levels, 6 BIG BOSS fights, 12 weapons, 2 player simultaneous action, 32 colors, 8bit sfx and music, movie style intro and outro’s, Light gun or Mouse controls and finally requiring an OCS/ECS or AGA Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 and above including 1MB Chip Ram (A Stock A500+ will do it).

Paul Heams and Dominic Sidoli “Started in March of 1994 it went the way of many a school boy’s attempts at writing a game and lay abandoned for over twenty-five years in an attic. But in 2020 those two school boys (now old men) decided to finally finish what they once started in Bean Versus The Animator”.

Links :1) Source 6:00AM UK time


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