This designed and configured for Rec Room Masters Xtension Arcades, iPac, iPac Mini, jPac, or Howler board owners. Everything is preconfigured specifically for the standard ipac controls. 

You’ve probably already spent $2000 building your cabinet. Now, you have to spend the next few months, and hundreds of hours perfecting your frontend, find games, configuring emulators, and more. Consider how much your time is worth, and do you want to dedicate that time to frustrating setup configuration issues?

This will save countless months. You arcade will instantly be the centerpiece of your entertainment room and not your new hobby.

Emulators have come a long way over the years and your machine can now play all the retro games you once grew up on. Each of my systems or hard drives includes:

– The latest version of Hyperspin and RocketLauncher

– All available game and system preview videos, themes and media, and more

– Over 118 pre-configured and up to date emulators.

– Installation videos to guide you through the setup process and custom installation program

– Over 177+ Systems Pre-configured on the Hyperspin Wheel

Within a minutes of installing your new hard drive you will be playing those games you remember as a child. If you order a system, then you simply plug it, select a game and enjoy.