EmuCR: FuseFuse v1.5.6 is released. The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse) is an emulator of the 1980s home computer and various clones for Unix, Mac OS X and Windows.

– Spectranet emulation
– SpecDrum emulation
– Disciple emulation
– Movie recording to FMF files
– SpeccyBoot emulation
– GTK+ 3 Support
– Many Win32 enhancements
– POK file support
– PZX file read support
– Plus lots of bug fixes

Fuse v1.5.6 Changelog:
* Emulation core improvements:
* Z80 flags register is now correct after SCF and CCF (Sergio
* Miscellaneous improvements:
* Factor out common paths code between Linux and generic UNIX (Alberto
Garcia and Fredrick Meunier).
* More improvements disabling phantom typist after finishing loading
TAP or standard ROM TZX files (thanks, Alberto Garcia) (Fredrick
* Saving and loading binary data no longer increments tstate count
or triggers breakpoints (thanks, Sergio Baldoví) (Philip Kendall).
* “Variant” Alkatraz loaders (e.g. Gauntlet 3 and Shadow Dancer),
“Variant” Search Loader programs (e.g. Lotus Esprit Turbo
Challenge and Space Crusade) and Dinaload loaders (e.g. Astro Marine
Corps) are now accelerated (Philip Kendall).
* Stop RZX playback/recording on machine reset/change (Sergio
* Various minor bugfixes.

Download: Fuse v1.5.6
Source: Here