Kernal64 v1.4.5.b8 is released. Kernal64 is a Scala Commodore 64 & 128 emulator.

Kernal64 v1.4.5.b8 changelog:
Added settings saving: now you can save the (majority) of the current settings
Added support for function rom “Megabit” (C128 only)
Fixed minor bugs that prevented the restoring of main window size
Added new menus for display settings (aspect ratio, zoom, rendering)
Modified the display rendering type in order to improve image quality
Added command line options (–help does work on Linux based system, on Windows the kxxx.bat script must be modified to see the usage)
Added new utility under Edit menù: List BASIC to editor. List the BASIC program stored in memory to the default external editor
Added the Eject disk menù under File
VDC window is now resizable

Download: Kernal64 v1.4.5.b8