EmulationStation is another frontend that began to be made for windows , but was discontinued in 2014 . This frontend brings together the ease of use and configuration along with being quite lightweight and capable of downloading metadata from the network to add information to the games that we have in the specific systems that we configure , which makes it attractive for the novice user and that does not you want to complicate with more complex frontends.

Normally this frontend is used in conjunction with retroarch, but most of all because most guides in the network have been directed towards that aspect, the reality is that you can configure any emulator in standalone mode (as long as it supports execution by line of commands)


Apart from this frontend uses very few resources of our PC so those with less powerful computers can take advantage of it without the need to update their equipment.
These new revisions are being made thanks to the fact that the project is being continued on github through a retropie fork, which has been the one that has brought him back to life after being discontinued in 2014

The changes have been abundant (so much so that now new options appear on the menu), a new system is supported, which did not have a template, etc …

The changes that this version presents with respect to the latest version uploaded to the web are:

  • Performance has been improved when using the frontend with Mame
  • Added the -screenrotate, -screensize and -screenoffset commands
  • Fixed a bug seen in the favorites option
  • Fixed a bug seen in horizontal images
  • Fixed the name for the Game and Watch system