For a few months a user has been posting a modified version of the Mameplus emulator in Korean forums (do not ask what I do visiting Korean forums would not like the answer (I.e.  , jokes aside, I know it because they usually refer to some releases we do here in this Web) in which are modified two things that may be interesting or not, depending on the tastes of each of you.

It is worth mentioning that it is not 100% bug free since some games may not work properly with the emulator since it is in the testing phase by the users of the Korean forum that I comment on.

The addition consists of two patches added to the nonag patch that we usually compile here and are called by their author smooth patch and full stretch patch.

The smooth patch provides the ability to increase frames per second of the game (eye, this does not prevent the slowing of games) so it allows us to modify the framerate of the original version that is in 57.445 if I am not mistaken in for example Metal Slug and change it to the value that we want or that the VSync adapts us to the refreshment of the monitor, which is possible to gain some softness in the games

The Stretch patch what it does is to modify the size of the image so that it covers the total of the monitor without leaving the black stripes that usually leave the games to the sides (it is a small margin)

The download includes the GUI (m + GUI) for those who prefer this method of launching the emulator


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